Friday, October 31, 2008

Gettin caught back up!

One of the nice fish on October 24 am trip!

Just posting up on what we have doing lately. Finally had a couple days off and that was real nice because really since April I have been grinding hard. Things have slowed up some but I am sure we will get some trips lined back up and get cranked up again. Gotta go again tomorrow. The weather has been windy and cooler than normal lately. We have been all over the place. When the winds were west and or south seems the drum and trout have cooperated and the cold northern blows have made the stripers more cooperative. We landed 12 nice rock at the inlet bridge up to 15lbs back a couple weeks, the sound bridges have been active with a 20 fish afternoon being the best. Yes surprisingly some of the fish have been up to 30" which in my experience back there is unusual! Picked out some sheepshead, tog, and taylor blues as well. Best trip would of been one of those days when nobody thought the weather would let us go but we got the window and landed 100 speckled trout, 7 red drum, 7 flounder, and plenty of blues as well.

There was a couple tough trips as well when we went up the sound for the rock and found tide against winds and picky biting rock. And we did have one rod launching but we got over that one even though it was a $500 loomis. All rods we fish are gloomis (Brian and Sarah flat and fly girl got me rigged up with that prostaff years ago and I have really enjoyed that as well.) and that just happened to be my best one. Well thanks to everyone for still fishing with me! I appreciate that and look to seeing you guys again next fall! I will try to get more vids up to show the action we have been having.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sticky Bun Crew

I went out today with the Sticky Bun crew in 20+mph nor west er,yep it was rough.We landed about 12 rock fish and kept 5 nice fish for the dinner table.One lost cat fish found his way in the boat.He put up a great fight for his size. The big crab had to be in the shot,hey if you don't have a fish use a crab!HA HA.Sticky Bun crew you guys ROCK! Hope you found your wild horses.

Carolina Blue and the Chicago Crew

Headed out with Greg and the guys from Chicago,We had good luck with the sound stirpers again.We landed about sixteen fish total and kept seven nice ones. The guys ate good that night! Thanks for a great day.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fishing with the Capriotti Boys!

We set out today for a Carolina Blue inshore grad slam and mission accomplished!! First we went and pounded on the stripers. We end up with 12 fish and kept 4. The guys were really cool and only kept what they wanted to eat! After leaving spot #1 with 4 nice stripers and 1 pretty speckled trout we went on the search for flounder and drum. At spot # 2 we found another school of stripers and a puppy drum. We ended the day with a nice catch of flounder. The weather could not have been any better. It was a great day to be on the water with a fun group of guys. I can't wait to fish with these guys again next year, and I hear the third generation may be joining the trip!

Trying to update some vids to once again give you guys a glimpse on some of the action we have. Lately around the inlet we have been landing trout, weakies and specks, also we have been landing redfish aka puppy drum in the 17-28 inch range. And surprisingly the sheepshead fishing has been great 1-5lbers but tons o fun. Thanks everyone hope you like the vid and tunes!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Fished today whacked some sheepshead, few trout as well. There has been a steady diet of sheepshead, tog, blues, trout, and puppy drum. Been fishing everyday and I am trying to catch back up. Hope you guys are digging the vids. Good way to give a glimpse to what and how we catch em. Thanks everyone for fishing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oct 8th Crabbie Patty Trip

Here is our update on Doug and crew. We started our day in search of stripers. They were a little picky at first but when we got dialed in it was on! After weeding through a few small guys we ended up with 4 keepers: 3 stripers and 1 nice speckled trout. We ended our day by pulling a few crab pots and filling our cooler with a bushel and a half of tasty blue crabs.

Speckled trout and puppy drum in the inlet

Powell crew here in a mix video I put together for the fishing day we had. It was hard to put the action in a 4.5 minute clip because action was to be had all day nonstop, cinderella story fishing really newmoon and all. Thanks Rob I am glad you got to pick that one out of a hat!!!

Slow going this morning with a bite here and there but really picky fishing with fish not on the move. Saved the day in the afternoon with a sheepshead and tog massacre with 30+ heads and some togs blues and a trout on a nearshore wreck. Thanks guys for fishing hard sorry I could not duplicate the 15.5 pound flounder, limit of rock, and limit of drum and trout from a few years back. Thanks Aaron

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sheepshead & Tautog catch!

Hey guys just wanted to show you a pic of what we caught on Sunday. We had a nice catch of sheepshead, tautog, a handful of blues and a nice 34in drum. Hopefully the sheepshead will be hanging around until the water starts to cool off. There are a lot of big flounder farther north in the sound which should make for some fun afternoon trips for casting jigs or live bait. Going on a Crabbie Patty charter tomorrow with Doug and crew will give you an update of what we catch!

Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6th

Trying something new...revamping the site one baby step at a time!

Here we go, gonna try to catch back up with some new vids of stripers, 6lb speckled trout, redfish and more. Fishing has been really good around the inlet. Fall fishing is here striper season is open in the Albemarle sound. Started October 1st and the morning of October 1st Robert Roders aboard whacked out a nice limit. To draw first blood. Got a few openings left in Oct 08, and already booked some for 09. Also have plenty of trips open in Nov and December for stripers. We will be fishing and available at Oregon Inlet, Albemarle sounds Currituck sounds, Chesapeake Bay bridge and we also have cast and blast trips coming as well. Get a couple hours of duck hunting and then some light tackle fishing for stripers. Night fishing for trout reds and stripers is going on now as well. Alright I will post some more but now I am gonna work on getting pics and vids up to show everyone why to fish with us!!! Thanks everyone for fishing and catching and having fun!