Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kathys & her nice sea trout

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oyster toad in the rain slow going so far

Thursday, September 23, 2010

34 inch striper yesterday pretty work Sam and Leslie

Obx albies today

It s almost duck hunting time,Resident goose is in now ,we have been a few times and have had some good hunts.The October duck season will be here soon,looks good there is a lot of mallards and wood ducks already around our area.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carolina Blue,time to start back on the sound rock fish.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obx shark

Aj outer banks fishing

Saturday, September 18, 2010

19 incher yesterday

Super Sam with aj and mahi on the 17th of september

Last night redfish one more cast

Outer banks fishing for redfish

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A few AJ s.And nice weather.thanks guys see you next year.

Yummy, fallow buck burgers!thanks Kelly.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gotta go!

Guys back to updating gonna get some more pics up for ya.  The fishing is starting to push into the traditional fall pattern.  We have the big shove of finger mullet coming out of the sounds and creeks.  As waters start to cool the mullet ready themselves to head south.  We have big beds of them coming down along the beach from the Ches. Bay as well.  Everything keys on them, bluefish, puppy drum, trout,  and flounder.  We use fresh cut and live mullets to get bites this time of year.  It can be rough in the ocean and we can lay up behind a various marsh point in the sound and get bites on the light spinning gear.  Guys from the surf are getting bites as well.  We had some under slot and slot sized red fish yesterday, flounder today, and even a little grouper!  The afternoon was blues, spanish, and a nice 40lb amberjack.  We can get the night fishing going now as well for you guys.  Generator lights, little baitfish in the lights and schoolie striper, blues, and trout in the lights as well. Plus the offshore guys out of Oregon Inlet have been pummeling the billfish.  So if you want to try that you better go!  Special thanks to Kim and Kelly for the hillbilly bacon, chops, and more the Kelly crew really is enjoying being in the meat!!! Guys I will try to get some of the pics uploaded from the phone as well.   Thanks everyone for fishing!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Martin Truex Jr. gets hooked up on the Rock Solid!!!

Never watched much Nascar but watching a race tonight.  Pulling for number 56. (third place right now)  Had the opportunity to fish with Martin and his close buddy fishing guide Adam Sherer fishing back on the 31st.  We loaded up the live well and then tried the aj's.  They were chewing and it was fun. Four seconds in Martin's first cast hooked up, with five fish fighting for the bait. Whew.  Adam turned the heat up big time on one of the Torsa's and I thought for sure something was going to break but he whipped out a Aj in record time.  We spent a little time looking for cobia afterward but  nothing really seemed to be moving.  We tried for a redfish, and Martin picked up a keeper slot sized fish just before dusk.  Cool guys to fish and joke around with check em out at  So now we gotta root for Truex!

Fishing has been great overall.  Late August the cobia and aj's were working out pretty good for us.  A little slump in the cobia for about 5 days around the moon and then we really whacked them just before the hurricane moved through.  Spanish, blues, albacore have been biting as well.  Today was the first day back out since hurricane Earl and the aj's were still biting this afternoon.  They should taper off and the redfishing should pick up some as well.  I also need to get back on the sheephead fishing which has been good to us the last few falls.  Sorry for getting behind on the updates.  I gonna get her back up to speed once again!  Thanks everyone for fishing hard! Check out the pics we have been getting it done!  Please email me if I missed your pics guys tried to get most of em up for you. Check out the stranded sailors we had to tow it in exchange for cold beer. Check out young fishing star Caleb's doubleheader of big triggerfish and keeper flounder on the same rig!  You gotta be proud of that one Phil!    Thanks Aaron