Monday, January 26, 2009

Still Catchin

Been fishing everyday so sorry for the lack of updates and pics. I will get more pics up soon. Left my camera in the truck a couple of times so gotta get the pics from my clients. We have been catching them. Friday off with Randy and we found good action jigging off duck. Sat morning Randy and I found ourselves trolling for nice rock off Kitty Hawk with some big fish in the mix. I will show you those pics when Randy emails them to me. Congrats to Capt Dean for putting a nice 52lber on the dock that day. Yesterday was a wash in the ocean with strong winds so we fished the Bonner Bridge and found a few local stripers along the pilings. Called it at a half day when the tide and bite died. Then today rough seas and we hung around the fishing center drinking coffee and seeing if the wind would lay out. I did just a little and we decided to go try for a half day and troll the blind to see if we could pick out a rock. Ten miles from the inlet we lucked into nice fishing with ten fish up to 48lbs!!! Good job MAtt, Kerry, and Sam. I hope your pics turned out so we can post them!!! Had to put some pics of Ches after his trip on Sat (congrats on the fat 41lber) turning around, going back out and helping some guys by giving them a tow in. I though the old Mercury was going to just fall off the back. Over 4000 hours on that girl. Sounds like the jigging bite for schoolies are the Bay bridge is going good and our other slip is right there so if anyone wants to do a half day/ all day jigging trip. Myself or Ches will be available. I will pump that up more once the big fish trolling along the beach dries up. All booked up this week but have some holes opening up next week. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Team Turning Point

Off today with the Brower crew. Boat was still covered with ice and snow but the winds and seas were calm so off we went. The fishing center looks more like a ghost town these days with maybe only one or two other boats fishing. We picked four nice rock off Nags Head then ran up the beach another 14 miles off Duck to find plenty of nice sized cooperative stripers!!! These guys landed all they wanted and released many more.
The commercial season was open today for beach netters, dropnetters, and trawlers all looking for a striper. Wonder when the quota will ever get filled. We have some openings in Feb and early March still. So if you would like to get a nice buffalo, I mean striper then gives us a call. Thanks Aaron

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Enjoyed the snow on the beach yesterday and today! Figured since it was blowing 30-40 only a fool would fish and I enoyed the opportunity to walk the woods and soundside around the house with the family.
We are still fishing out of Oregon Inlet and the last couple trips were slower than normal with a few nice rock landed off Jockey's ridge and Duck. Thanks Guys for fishing!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fishing and duck hunting

Snow and ice? Rock fish and ducks, It's almost like a real winter and not a minute to late! Last Saturday I took Jason Johnson and his father in law Rock fishing out of Oregon inlet. The fish were a little slow to bite but we found them before the 25+ south wind got us. Jason has another trip this Saturday that I'm really looking forward to. We have talked about fishing in the Chesapeake Bay on this one. With these last few cold snaps I think we should have good fishing.
On the duck hunting side of my world things got pretty good, lots of Pintails, Gadwalls and Swans. The ice on Friday and Saturday was not as much as we hoped for, but enough. My cousin Thomas was down this weekend, great guy, but he likes to watch the birds more than shoot them! He had a good hunt with a good mixed bag of ducks which made him pretty happy. Drew and I are planing a fun hunt tomorrow hopefully with some snow. I almost got Aaron talked in to blowing the dust off his shot gun and going with! I have taged on a few pics of Jason, Thomas and Lee on the Gouger. Well got go paint canoe Burt for the up coming duck hunt!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Team Monte & Mitch Whacker

16th Fished some over the last week. Cold and wind kept us in today. Yesterday we tried to sneak out and get a quick whack on em before the front came through but the dropnet, trawler, beachnet, seasons for the commercials were open and the big school of fish off Outer Banks Pier seemed to vanish. They must have traveled south with the downcurrent or north up 95 in a fish truck! So we came back in at lunch and told lies.
The pics listed here are a few of the recent shots I had. Pig whackers part III landed us to the state line when Donnie called me to a good play. Then Monte and crew came back out with me and landed some nice piggies off Kitty Hawk.
Guess we will try it tomorrow(Sat) either for rock or maybe for the trout. Sunday looks good as of now to fish. Ches also had a nice trip on Sat with some nice rock off Duck. He is swan and duck hunting this morning, too cold for my fat butt.
We also have a nice slip for fishing out of Little Creek Va. We are just a stone's throw from the Chesapeake Bay bridge which should provide some good catch and release action for stripers into early March. It is 7 or 8 miles from the ocean waters where you can keep rock off Virginia but it is an option as well. Half and full day open up there. However being the lone ranger off the OBX we keep still plugging' along. We have been getting them on the decent weather days. Thanks everyone for fishing!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pig Whackers part duex

Back out at Oregon -Inlet on the 6th. Hughes crew back out and at em again with just a super class of stripers. We landed them trolling at first then jigging. We weighed in 400 lbs of stripers on 12 fish! Thats a pretty strong average. We released many many nice fish as well. Thanks fellas for not being scared. Hope you like the video.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pig Whackers

Did not fish the weekend. Fished on the 2nd and landed some rock but played the catch and release. Hughes crew out today (5th) with me out of Oregon Inlet. We got into some nice piggies 12 miles up the beach. This was nice for a change of pace not having to run 30 + miles to get a bite. The weather was nice and saw only three boats all day. Thanks guys hope we get em again tomorrow.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Special thanks to everyone one out there for making it another successful fishing year!!!!!!! We had a great year and looking forward to a even better 2009! Trips are booking up for the Rock Solid and Carolina Blue. Got more types of trips to offer in 09 as well. Thank you guys!

Ches fished today and landed some nice speckled trout. And I am including a picture from my last venture with the Mcneil crew a couple days ago with excellent striper fishing. Thanks guys!