Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed out!?!

Busy around the house today with the kids in the snow we actually had a few inches of snow around today in this storm. Around lunch time it all turned to rain, cool while it lasted.

Here are some pics from the last day we fished Thursday the 28th with the Mcneil party. We whacked them landing a bunch of stripers trolling and jigging on rods as light as 10lb test. When we picked up to steam home we were 14miles from Oregon-Inlet. So hopefully we will get some decent weather in the upcoming month and whack a few more rock! We also got the opportunity to fish around eight or so whales and that always makes for a neat experience. Thanks guys for fishing!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Got em!

The Donahue crew out today after five days of feeble weather and canceled fishing trips, sorry fellas. When it is rough it's rough. Yesterday we woke up to rain and gusts up to 40 knots. So this morning with the large swell we have been having, I figured the inlet would we breaking across the bar and not safe to cross. I was wrong, even with the tide going out, a relatively calm Oregon Inlet. So off we went searching for fish we were whacking five days ago. No running partners, actually no one around anywhere. We looked South bait, birds, whales, no bites. Water was cloudy and stirred. Late morning we decided to run up the beach making a whopping 15knots bucking up the beach. After couple hours looking around I said looks bad and tossed out a few lures cause you gotta try. Hour later around 2:30 we landed a stray 18lber. I was happy to lose the skunk and figured that was the fish of the day. Then Cinderella story, a bird dove in front of us, a lone bird, trolled to the spot and rock marks. We stayed on em for about a hour and half landing 25 fish up to 48lbs!!! Never did see a boat all day but did see the sun set off jockey's ridge.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fabulous fishing. Down South!?!

Getting ready to enjoy a few days off once again since strong winds and rough seas will have us couch calibrating. The last few days the fishing has been fantastic just 7 miles from the inlet! We left out on the 19th with at 7 and by 7:30 we were hooked up, jigging. All day long we landed fish from many different schools of fish. Ryan was the leader as his jiggin setup was getting us 5 to 1. Pretty work anchor man. It has been quite a few years since we have had this kind of fishing so close to Oregon-Inlet. All fish we released. Fish South of Oregon-Inlet, even better because hopefully we can get em when they come back up later this winter.

Yesterday off again in hopes of the short boat ride. This cobia whacking crew left little slack for the rock. Seven miles to the south! We found em again. We trolled a little around some whales and picked at some rock. Then we picked at them the rest of the day jiggin on this little fram here and this little fram there. Around 2 these guys had caught and released enough and decided to head in to beat the wind coming. Half way home there was the tornado of gannets doing the dive. So we had to go one more round. Four jigs in four on. Three in the boat and light tackle Lonnie (aka) Jim ( baseball guy) is still gettin dumped off the spool. So we go up wind and get his line back and us back on the bite. We start jiggin and catching again while he fights the fish. Finally he boats the 45lber on ten pound mono! Gordon also decks a 35 and tosses back a 40 plus fish as well. So we keep a couple for dinner and get on back to the dock.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carolina Blue on the Rock!

Since we finally got a break in the cold weather it was time to run to the end of the world and catch some fish! On Friday my crew from Wilmington, NC ran all the way up to Corolla on the hunt for striper. We had a good time and caught some nice fish. On Saturday I decided to change gears and go hunting down south. I was a little out of my normal area looking for Pintails. Let’s just say, I think we found them! To bad the limit is only one per person. I would like to congratulate my new hunting buddy Samuel Beacham on his first duck! He shot a nice fat black duck. Way to go Sam! Yesterday, I took the Rocky Mount Boys duck hunting. The Lewis boys both got their first Swan! Scott had his lucky hat on and got a banded one! Maybe you will get one next year Dauer. Today I got a call from AK that I was missing the fun, so I called Drew and Joe and went out fishing. It was nice to only have a ten minute boat ride to catch some nice striper on a jig bite. It looks like the fish may be around for awhile! See you on the water soon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Piggy, Piggy sue times two!?!

Gotta get up to date here been fishing quite a bit recently. 9th,10,11,12th were bad weather days. Not saying you could not physically make it but tripping over each other and sliding all over the place just is not fun to me on any boat. Then you get the the good weather days and that is what we had here for the last few days. The fish sizes have been all over the place ranging from 14-52lbs! The stripers have made us burn some fuel seeming to concentrate in the Corolla area. One day we got fish off Kitty Hawk which is a 20 mile run. The fish we have been landing have been released, yes even the 52lber. Young Caleb got himself a 38lb citation on the 14th. He and his buddy showed the grandfathers there is hope for future generation fishermen as they wrestled 17 fish to the boat.
Brower crew fished a long hard day with me and scrapped out a catch. The Johnson crew came in on a last minute call and tried it. We had picked up 17 fish when number 18 hit and ole lucky Sink on his own lure bested a 50lber. His fish had a bad eye but I guess it was doing alright eating as fat as she was. After a few high fives and pics he let her go and another quick circle and hooked up! Another heavy fish and Jason finally drug up another piggy! 52lbs! I just had to check but this fish had two good eyes. She was shaped like the Capt with a rather fat belly! Pics lengths and girths for taxidermy purposes and back she went. Put the baits back out and around again and again no more nibbles. Thanks everyone for fishing and looking forward to cobia fishing with you guys this summer!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Jesse and pops came fishing with me yesterday. We left the dock early to get a jump on the weather and get a catch before things got nasty. Jesse just back back from Iraq from a 10 day leave and wanted to see his family and get in some fishing. Needless to say I really wanted to find him some fish. We picked up where we were the day before and they were still in the area. Birds picking and fish biting! These guys landed fish up to 38lbs. Never saw a boat all day except for the ole Free Agent and he was jigging up some rock as well. Ended up tight to the beach in the afternoon getting in some calmer seas and picking a few more out for dinner.
Jesse thank you and your brother and the Lane family for all you guys do for us so we can have the privilege to go rockfishing! Keep those Bin Laden's off and crawlin around your tank.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Got em!!!

Put together a crew today and landed some nice rock off the Kitty Hawk/ Duck area. Hope to get back out tomorrow but who knows looks like yet another shot of crummy weather. Thanks guys! I get the pics up soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Open Date

Got this Thursday open and weather looks right west winds 10-15 so 252 202 6046 in your interested. Thanks Aaron

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tough weather

That has been the theme of late. Hope everyone has had a great New Year! Thanks for all your support! The weather has been atrocious! Lets see, big swells shutting off the inlet, rain, fog, 25-30knot winds from the North all have been key elements in putting any fish in the box. One day my best catch was Ches's keys with a magnet he dropped overboard. Well I guess that means maybe we get a few more slick sunny days for cobia fishing in June. Fished yesterday in the ole trout hole because we wanted to fish and it was the only place sane enough to try. We landed one puppy drum and four trout. Marine forcast looks crappy for a few more days as well. Hopefully when the weather breaks we can get back on the bait and whack some stripers.