Monday, September 28, 2009

Catch on the year!!

Last night around 4am the Lord blessed the Kelly household with another little rascal! Saylor Faith Kelly joins the family and now completes the basketball team!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fabulous Fall fishing!

Finally got a little time to catch up and get some posts back up. Fall is in swing and we are catching taylor blues, redfish, some nice flounder, triggers, sheepshead, and amberjack. The finger mullets have invaded the inlet and everything keys on them so it tends to be alot of fun live lining them. This time of year the fishing really caters to the center console style fishing. Fishing marsh points, and inlet shoals. Cobia have thinned, we should still catch a few but the weather the last few weeks has been tough going in the ocean. If we could a few days of pretty weather I am sure we could pick a few off. The offshore fishing has been fantastic. Tunas are moving in pretty good and hats off to Capt Arch and brother Pat of the Pelican for catching and releasing an Oregon Inlet record of 23 billfish in one day!!! Sure is nice to be surrounded by some of the best fishermen in the world down at the Inlet. Man Been having fun and thanks to everyone for coming out and fishing hard!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Could use a little more wind here

It really has been almost comical with non stop Northeast winds. Seems we always get a nice blow late August every year. I can always remember that since I was a kid growing up here. Man this has been ridiculous really too much of anything is no bueno. So we fish hard and try to make lemonade. Thanks for fishing guys that were not scared.