Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cowbell CB CB CB

Fished today with the cowbell crew and whacked the triggers and put two cobia in the box as well.  Thanks guys and hope you enjoy the triggers at Blue Moon tonight.  Guys Victor owns Solomon's restaurant in Raleigh and if you want some great eats then you better check it out!

Also been catching a few aj's, sharks, drum, and spadefish.  Check out Jt's spadefish we had a bunch of those drag pullers that afternoon. Guys you should off seen the chubby sea turtle swimming around the boat that day.  Glad we do not have any pics of that one!
Sorry everyone for not getting more pics of all the fish we have been catching but been hard lately.  I hope you guys have been digging the real time pics we have been periodically throwing up on the blog from pics off the boat. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Monday, July 26, 2010


Overall the fishing has been pretty good.  The continuous southwest winds made the fishing tougher than it should be with cold water temps on the beach and choppy conditions off the beach.  We have had some great days like the 23rd with the Connor party with cobia up to 41lbs, aj's, spadefish.  Then the next day pull off a few big fish and only having a few miniscule bluefish to show for our efforts.  We did have a nice mid 60lb amberjack the other day.  The Dave Shumacher party had all the aj's they wanted, a dolphin, tripletail, and a cobia.  Today the winds fell out and the shoreline by mid day really started to come to life with triggers abundant.  Saw four cobia hooked three, pulled off two and did boat a 40lb cobia.  The big red drum are creepin on the North beaches as well.  Thanks everyone for fishing and looking forward to the next go round.  Aaron  ps thanks super cool guy whoever that may be for the Bible you left anonymously on the boat, Thanks I need to get back to whats important.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aubrey crew get some action

Yesterday's fishing was pretty good for these guys.  We fished along the beach and had a nice catch of triggerfish, then we landed a handful of AJ's and then hooked four cobia and landed 3.  Just nice when it all comes together. 
We fished this morning and landed some taylor blues, 14 triggers for dinner, and hammered out a few aj's up to fifty pounds.  Thanks everyone for fishing hard.  Thanks Aaron

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carolina Blue Fishing

I finally got a day off from fishing and boat work,we have the Carolina Blue back in action,and now fishing out of Thicket Lump Marina.We Will still run running out out of the Dock of The Bay Marina in Kitty Hawk if any one would like to fish the northern part of the sound.The rock fishing will be open in the sounds some time in September.So I will able to fish with my Kitty Hawk Friends.Sorry to any one who s pictures I missed this time,I lost one of my camera cards, it will turn up some day!Still lots of Triggers,Spanish, flounder, Sheep's Head,and Amber jacks.The bigger Flounder have started to show up.What can I say it's like a Flounder Nirvana?!!!!But The Trigger Fishing has been a lot of fun,you have to love a fish that you can watch bite.And tastes so good!Check out Little Jadyn,she is almost nine months old now!As you can tell I'm starting her early.I have a trip in the morning But the PM is open. Call us and thank you.

while you where sleeping saturday morning