Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We are in Sport Fishing Magazine!!

Rock Solid Fishing is in an article about Outer Banks cobia fishing in the April 2011 issue of Sport Fishing Magazine.  You can view the article pages on our website and Sport Fishing will post a link on our Facebook page soon!  Congrats Aaron!!  You, Ches and Matt are gonna whack 'em this year!! 

Call the booking desk for availability (252) 441-6575!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boatyard blues

Been way too busy giving the ole Rock Solid much needed love and attention.  Cutting off spray rails, grinding, sanding, ripping out juniper,  priming, painting, jacking up boats, screwing and gluing, glassing, primer coating, sanding off guey primer coats, wiping, topcoating, cleaning,  painting washboards, painting decks, bottom painting, welding, and more.  Butttttttt we are getting there.  Special thanks to all my friends whom have helped me get through this arduous process!!!  Wish I was a high roller and could pay someone to do the work but when you are living the dream as a charter boat captain sometimes you gotta pay the piper.  There is no time for these things after March because we go with no big breaks.  So looking forward to getting down to Destin to try to whack on some cobia.  Full Pull got a 93lber (cobia) a day ago!!!  Fishing wise I slipped off the beach with the Macintosh crew for our yearly bluefin whacking.  We got whacked  with 20 minutes of trolling and a long, long , grueling, test your toughness fight on standup to boat this piggy bluefin at dusk!  Toro is yummy tonight!  Ches has slid out for a few trips as well.  Found a few thousand dogsharks for some action and a puppy drum bite.  Getting booked up for the 2011 season!  Also gotta check out this months subscription of Sport Fishing Magazine.  Cool article of cobia fishing with the ole fat capt getting some props!!!  Nice to get a bone every now and then!!! Seriously just a product of the environment.  Alot of great fishing and fishermen here.  Growing up here has been a blessing!
So no joke here we are gonna go catch cobia in Florida, schoolie stripers, drum, etc in NC and we are gonna have fun doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boxed this one with the Macintosh crew at dusk on standup 50 miles from the dock rode in with the full moon over 200lbs toro is yummy tonight

Benji spraying

Grinding sanding new spray rails

Thursday, March 3, 2011

MArch 3rd outer banks fishing report

Trips have slowed and the weather has been uncooperative for the most part but we have fished a couple days.  Fished with good Peoples on the  27th. Mr. Peoples that is.  This fella showed up two custom rods he made from legend elite blanks, killer butt wraps, titanium guides, and 4500 stellas loaded with braid. Stoked to see guys all jacked up about there gear.  I just hoped we would find him some good jigging action to try out his cryp rods.  Best jigging day of the year.  All day long fish whacking.  Tossing Shad and topwater with hookups virtually all afternoon into evening.  Fun Fun day. 
Yesterday I was supposed to fish the Rock Solid but I called my guys since they had a long drive and the weather looked crummy.  Winds were gusting up to 35knots from the North and the seas 5-7 the day before so I figured it would be too rough.  Well another striper junkie Chuck called me and hired me for the day on his boat.  He was already down and we could make a morning look at the bar.  It so worked out that we could get out and give it a go.  We did some running but about 11 we found em and once again they were biting.  We jigged them up till we were tired.  Biggest fish was Chuck's buddy's first cast a 45 incher. Wish I could of found em closer than the 50 miles we had to run home but we will take it.  Not sure how much longer the fish will hang around but I am thankful for them.  No fish in the box all fish were released.  Thanks everyone for fishing and thanks for fishing with us.