Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fished on Rock Solid with Carolina Blue as my running partner tried for tuna only to pull a nice one off during the fight Ches's jigging crew had a couple bites and got one bluefin up some only to have the 130lb Jerry brown separated so winds picked up and we went for dinner and quickly landed tilefish!  Thanks guys! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cobia Fishing in June - new video

Here's a video I found on YouTube.  It was a summer day last year with the Midkiff party.  They tossed out a few spoons because they were bored of my cobia ridin around but by days end we made a nice catch!  It was filmed on a go pro camera.  Thanks guys and looking forward to doing it again this summer!  (The music used is copyrighted so view it in YouTube if you get the message!!)

Fished yesterday afternoon in the high winds and chilly conditions and we only had one place we could possible fish.  Well the doggie dogs were chewing so at least we bent the pole, thanks guys! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

What in the world!? Randy and Rich back at it again on Saturday.  We jigged and baitfished up Taylor blues, lots of em, big ole knot head seabass, two nice flounder, and then a red snapper say what? Well pretty cool if you ask me!  Check out the monster seabass I got while trying to catch tog.  We also released everything except the flounder, Randy dropped the fish back down with a little barbless hook thinly skinhooked, once fish near bottom a tug and she would be released with no venting and recompressed for a higher survival rate.  Pretty cool technique.  Fish were landed in 80 foot of water.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Still here

Been all over this place this winter.  Trout fishing, tilefishing, sharks, bluefins, and unfortunately not too many rock.  The mild winter has kept them up there and begrudgingly we have fished some up there in the land of crowds and coastguard. aka ches bay. I laugh at myself when the Carolina BLue is fishing in Virginia.  It seems there are some fantastic days and then crummy ones with not a fish in site.  Gonna fish out of Oregon Inlet tomorrow maybe get lucky on some tog or tile or bluefin let you know.  Did catch some stripers last Sat.  on the jig.  April cobia trips are looking good and I think you guys better get some early may dates with us this year with the mild winter.  I remember a couple years ago landing 72 in one outing.  This is far from typical but 2-7 fat 40-75lbers probably would not hurt your feelings. Summer is about 70% booked so better call and get you a cobia, trigger, flounder, whatever trip lined up.  Gonna include a pic from the other day with Rich who helped best an insanely large tuna, weight unknown but pretty big especially in a 26 foot center console.  Maybe one day Randy will send me pics of his fish!  ha  still waiting on the other bluefin, tiger shark etc.  Thanks everyone