Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Bus

Been fishing the ole Blue Bus aka Carolina Blue for a week or so because I tore up some expensive crap on the diesel. And it had been fun that ole girl still feels like she should and she still loves me and still loves to catch fish, cobia, triggers, dolphin, stripers, trout, fat alberts, rounds out the list. The shiny new quiet honda on the back sure helps as well! Should be splashing the diesel back again tomorrow.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

b-day day off, Big Reds!!!

Fat guy here taking a day off to enjoy a little relaxation after fishing just about every possible moment since April. Another year older and thankfull for everyone coming out and fishing hard. Thanks! I promise all you guys that have not gotten your pics up I will get them up. Got some cools vids to put out and all. Here is a class of reddrum we stayed on for 2.5 hours on the 5th of August with Kevin Lesser. He also landed a couple cobia this day as well. Everthing from the tower sightcasting.

Catchin fish

Capt Kelly and my son's 10th birthday so we pack up the whole family and go tubing, skurfing, swimming, and a little fishing. My one son Gabriel would whack a trigger and box em then little Mckenna would cry and want them to go back to there home! So we would throw that one back had a ball. Trolled a spred of Chandler on the surfboard and the Bug on the ski biscuit down the beach from Rodanthe but thankfully did not get one bite!!! And number five is due in late Sept. Think I could start running two night trips and an pre dawn trip and then an all day? Thanks Lord for letting my crops and children grow!

Been catching Ajs, not the AJ s in Destin but amberjack, big red drum, 1-4 cobia a day and triggerfish. Most everything is done sighcasting, my favorite and most fun way of fishing.

Save your drama for the great bouy lama!

Poor Dave had a great day of fishing, but lost his wedding ring, did not bring home any fillets, and smelled like fish, strike three Dave! Good luck with the new baby in Jan!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Email Update

I am working on email problems so anyone sending an email from now until tomorrow 7am may not be received on our end so if I do not respond to it please resend it. Thanks. Aaron