Monday, December 29, 2008

Foggy Fogerton

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Got back out with the Kangas crew on the 27th. We rode around in the fog heavy fog and the stripers decided to find us. We landed a a nice ten fish limit trolling a some jigging. Fish were in the 14-30lb range. Up the beach from Oregon -Inlet. Sorry Tim for the crappy photo that fog got us. And special thanks to you for being who you are and giving me the freedom to go fishing for a living!!! Send some more of those Army guys up here and we will get em in the meat!!!

28th I fished a morning half day trip around the inlet and never got a striper to the boat. Birds bait and plenty of tide around the bridge but no stripers. Plenty, plenty of sharks we landed but could not fish eels or fatback because the sharks we so thick. Sorry guys!

29th We opted out of the stripers today so we could try our luck in the ole gator trout hole since the ocean was looking rank. I like calm and Jt, Clinton, Ches, and myself gave it a shot. We only landed two fish in the first four hours of fishing then we found em and landed 16 nice speckled trout up to 28.5 inches in length!!! 15 of them were over 4.5lbs and even eclipsed the 8lb mark!!! We released all but four. We kept them for dinner only because the were hooked deeply and bleeding. I really encourge releasing these fish and am not interested in "filling any coolers" These fish are rare and 90% of the area fishermen know this and do not abuse the resource. Do not mean to sound too tree huggerish but these speckle trout are a nice thing to have around. Also talked to Tony Tillet today aboard the Carolinian and he was heading back to the dock today at Oregon Inlet with a limit at 9:30 so I guess the stripers are trying to creep a little further down!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Mery Christmas to your and your families! May peace and joy fill your hearts!
May mirrolures, coastas, gift certificates to TW's, rock solid tees, and cobia bucktails fill your stockings and line your trees!
Here was another shot of another day of whacking speckled trout! Fish ranged from 3-6.5 lbs. These were landed from a little creek mouth. Ches and myself had a ball! After Christmas the trips pick back up and between Oregon-Inlet, Little Creek out of Chesapeake bay Virginia, and little boat trout whacking we should keep you with some nice options till spring. Talked with buddy Lee on the Gouger yesterday and he hit the big Red drum 30-50lbers off Hatteras as well. I have not looked but have heard the reports of the guys that went up early to Virgina have been enjoying a good striper trolling bite. Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Need some cowbell!

Ole JR had his way with beautiful giant speckled trout. Capt Ches and myself enjoyed a change of pace from the stripers. It was fun to fish with Ches. He and JR quickly teamed up on me. Ches is laid back and will not talk your ear off like I do. Day one was 30 specks. 9 of them were small summertime fish and 21 of em were whoppers!!! 21 over 4lbs, few 5.5ers and 5.11, 6, and 6lbers.!!! These two JR is holding were landed back to back 5, and 5.5 lbs. Second day one 20 inch puppy drum, 12 trout all 4-5.5lbs!!! Absolutely fantastic calm water light tackle fishing and can be done day or night. So if you want to try big speckled trout or stripers in NC or Virgina give us a call! Fish were landed on jigs, mirrolures 808, and livebait, all on eight pound spinning tackle. We are trying to give other fishing options because some days are just not fit for ocean fishing, and I love calm. Thanks JR, cowbell.!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And then we got em!

Well today was a new day. Weather cooperated, seas were nice and we found plenty of fish. Out of Oregon-Inlet, I ran the beach and Capt. Tillet of the Carolinian ran the three mile line and after 47miles up the beach we found just a couple of nice bait marks that were loaded with stripers. We quickly had a limit and threw some back for next time. Fish were 12-25lbs! Thanks guys for not being scared! Maybe fish will creep a little more in reasonable range with some cooler water temps.
Gotta a piggy spec trout trip tomorrow so I will let ya know if we score. We also will have the Carolina Blue creeping around the Chesapeake bridge for some trips day or night and some ocean rock as well. Give me a call or e-mail if you want to have some fun! Thanks everyone for fishing and putting up with us!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joe the plummer are you hiring?

Off today with a good crew and up the beach we go out at first light 22 miles up the beach all slick calm and then Doa Donnie and myself got blasted by a straight "black wall of death" The front that was to come in during the evening came early. We had to do the big u turn and get back to the inlet. We fished a little around the inlet but the foul weather took our stoke and lack of bites took us back to the dock for an half day on an all day trip. Getting your butt kicked and washed around for some fish is no good. I am more interested in you guys having a good time catching fish and not getting your butt kicked. If you want the washing then washing you can get like the poor two guys that were holding on the floating cooler for 45 minutes that were lucky enough to rattle off a cell 911 call to notify the coast guard who asked me if I had seen a boat who got their butts saved by the dredge who saw them from the bridge.
Fishing however has been tough. Weather has been non cooperative. I hope to get some opportunity to run up the beach looking for some more fish. Finally looks like I get to try tomorrow. I thank everyone for fishing hard and picking out a few and making the most of the bites we have had around Oregon -Inlet NC. Gotta a trout trip this week and a few striper trips so I will promise to update quicker. Talked to Ches a few hours ago and he fished for the big trout in Va. Try to get some pics and updates when we can! Thanks everyone for fishing hard and supporting us!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dec 2nd, fished this afternoon and we got them, fat ones 37, 36, 35, 35, 34, 33 are the weights of the ones we kept. We needed this because the last couple of half day trips were big bummers with sharks and no stripers. These fish were caught trolling off Nags Head. We also got the privilege of jousting with omega proteins the giant menhaden boats with little sci fi like scooter purse seiners and spotter planes all fighting for the same resource. We literally had these giant boats setting all around us netting the uhumm bunker for fertilizer processing. Its 2008 and I get to continually watch the wasting of "resources" They were aggressive and very good fishermen. I guess it was legal bycatch and all. I will try to show what crummy photos I got when I get a chance. Truth be told. We gotta save the crumbs. Thanks everyone!

These guys took their dad fishing just before T-day and only caught one striper but it was a 40lb good one. Thanks