Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moving fast forward!!

Chris and Conner fished hard. Chris one shot one cast one cobia on the deck .  Pretty cool when your clients have been learning cobia fishing and they can get it done!  Not sitting on there butts not engaged but actively looking and figuring it out with you and you trust Them ! To put the cast where and how it needs to be !  Ten hours one shot one cast on point bam you kidding me?!  It makes me proud to see some of these guys fishing with me for 10-15 years who can just get it done!  Put em up against any of em!!  Plus cool to see Dad and his kid fishing together gonna try to add a pic of Chris and Conner getting a nice. 60 pounder six years ago on destin fla. Just cool warms my heart! Plus take yer kid fishing before it's too late!!!! Conner got done really kick ass go pro vids I wanna show you guys! 

All the kids with the pumped up kicks!!

Just fishing catching all kinds of exotics. Last week!  Myers got a nice trip.  (Short for tripletail in cocoa. ). (by the way they taste terrible and you should give them all to yer captain !!)  Also another nice flapjack hit the deck.  Kids out we had little sheepshead, lady fish, snappas, reds, Spanish, gobies, whatever fun stuff!!  Lockdowns are cool sorry did not get pics.  Just nice to be warm having fun and watching kids smile! Yes Tom you are still a kid too!!  Sorry for being lax on the reports just been going hard!  Thanks everyone !! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Costa del mar 580 try these 680 meat hogs!!

Ok cat outta the bag.  We all know and love costa del mar 580 lenses for sightcasting!  The clear optics insane.  The 400 lenses were good, great in fact.  Then I got away from the polycarbonate lense and really fell on love with the glass lense.  Then 580 lenses ahhhhhhhh in copper, vermillion , whatever cobia started popping out!  I like the flat lenses the best less ocular distortion.  I know you guys have killed me for years on my choices in shades.  So hopefully these new meat hog 680s will spot a few more fish!  I sure could use the help the one fifty pounder we saw today is not cuttin it!  Thanks guys!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

From us to you Happy Easter!!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reds around OI

Few reds caught by captain Dillon with the Sirken crew!  Looks like fun!  

Cobia not loco for coco

Ha ha. been having a great time even though last week cobia fishing has been crummy and that might be an overstatement.  So what do we do. Go find something else to do.  We found lady fish , nice slot sized black drum, sheepshead, Snappers of all sizes , one Goliath grouper, wierd looking pin fish and some big ass flounda!! Amanda whacked a six pounder and we also got another ten pounds!!! As you can tell in the pics she kicked out butts one day.  Did not know there were halibut in coco!  Full moon has passed so maybe the cobia will pop again!  One of the many highlights was watching lama have to release this fat plump yummy looking grouper that was out of season!  The look on his face was priceless!!

Cobia skin rod gets hooked up!

Jr got three cobia in on the custom cobia skin rod!!  Great way to break it in!!  Thanks cb!