Friday, July 31, 2009

Windy souwesters

The wind will not quit blowing! But we will not quit fishing. A little spray and a little washing but we have been still enjoying some good fishing. Cobia, amberjack, triggers, puppy drum and big red drum, blues, and a few dolphin have mostly kepy us busy. Most fish are caught sightcasting from the tower. Thanks everyone for coming out!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

No summer time blues

Fishing has been pretty darn good! Triggers, cobia, amberjack, spanish, drum, sheepshead, have all been pretty cooperative. We have enjoyed the sightcasting cobia when decent conditions occur. On wednesday (July 15th) we landed 5 out of 7 sightings up to 45 lbs. We also enjoyed landed a 12lb tripletail, a uncommon catch around here. I was pretty stoked on that one!
Then you get the trip (early July),where the crew has zero saltwater experience and really does not care if they catch anything, just want to enjoy a boat ride and cold beer. After spanish, blues, triggers, hitting the big red drum 30-40lbers twice and then topping it off with a 25 and 50lb cobia on a random half day trip, I either runied or converted them! Of course this is not a typical trip but what I am getting at just about every trip everyone has left with a smile so good. Dog days of summer have not beat us down yet. Just wanted to tell everyone thanks for rebooking this season and fishing hard and thanks to the new clients for giving me a shot! Thanks for all the t-shirt sales, ( I will get some more visors) I will get some pics up this afternoon. Finally enjoying a day off! Thanks Aaron Got some pics up hope I got most of them up.