Saturday, March 27, 2010

Heading South!!!!!!!

Got the sanding, painting, grinding, cussing, eels, repairs, tackle, in order. Ready to go fish in Destin Fla. for the month of April. Hopefully good weather and fish will bless us. Come on cobia!!!
Ches and Matt will hang here striper, trout, togg, drum, flounder fishing so give us a call if you want to go.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Super Capps

Had the opportunity to fish a calm day with the fish biting. Steve and I jigged up 47 or so fish! All these fish were landed ten miles from the dock out of Oregon - Inlet. The striper season is trying to wind down but nobody told the stripers. I called Donnie and got him out of cocktail sauce duty and he and reg came out and whacked some fish as well. All fish were released. Fish averaged 12-18lbs with a couple of 40 plussers mixed in! Steve I am glad you got this day in you deserved it! Still willing to go try for any late season warriors. The fishing should be hit and miss with a good day here or there left. Already starting booking some striper trips for next season feel free to call ahead and line yours up. Thanks everyone for making this winter such a success out of Oregon Inlet! This cold winter really helped! We will start aiming for new fisheries as the seasons change. So give us a call and we will get you rigged up!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Got a nibble!

Well yesterday one of my favorite clients and off we go out up the beach looking all day for rock and nary a nibble, that was the 7th of March. Talked to buddies up around the bay even and no nibbles. So back to Oregon Inlet with no love. Sorry for the fishing, and not getting the 2lb outfit singing like we did on the drum. Rob we will get em in Destin!
Chad and his boys booked me today to help out on a tuna trip, fishing on their center console! Well I was ready to give her a shot. We got the ballyhoo out and 8 minutes later hooked up! Hour forty five later I got the opportunity to gaff a 170lb tuna! We headed back in early to get the fish and boat cleaned up. One bluefin per boat is the limit and we did not feel like cranking in another of these beasts. When I got back to the dock my dock partners told me how the rock fishing was hot today just 15 miles from Oregon Inlet. You just never know. So I guess the cold water has kept them down for a little while longer. No trip yet for tomorrow so come on! Thanks guys for fishing!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catch and release.

Catching some crazy weather North winds gusting to 50 could be one of the factors that shuts us down! Been still enjoying good fishing with the cold weather and water temps the fish have really stayed around longer than they have in recent past seasons. I have enjoyed catching and releasing these last buffalo. Come catch em while you can!
Fish have been running 8-58lbs, all mixed up sizes. We have been blessed with a 50, 51(jigging) and a 58(trolling)Pretty work Mr. Langford! We have recently had guys travel as far as Buffalo to get in on some action. Special thanks to Al and the guys for the "kick ass" board! Thanks everyone for fishing!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Broken Leg , Bummer

Last minute cancellation for tomorrow and feel the weather will be good till the afternoon so if you wanna go call the house 252 441 6575. Got em today and yesterday jigging. I will update with reports and pics tomorrow. Thanks Aaron