Saturday, May 29, 2010

4 for 4

29th of May, fished today with the Fraiser crew and after getting blown out yesterday these guys were ready to get at it today. The overcast skies made for tough sightcasting today but we opted to stay at it in the tower and not do the chum thing. We ended up seeing 4 cobia and landing 4 cobia. Nice to get all of em. I know all to well it could just of easily of gone 0 for 4.

28th Blow out ran the boat back to Oregon -Inlet from Hatteras. Special thanks to all the kind and laid back guys around Oden's dock. First class.

Also got out with the Winstead crew on the 27th. It was the first day back out since the three days of poor weather. Big swell and milky green water off Hatteras looked to be a tough day. These guys fished hard and ended up boxing there 8 fish limit with a couple of 60 pound plus fish. Pretty work ole Mitch whacker!

Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Capt Brandon Overall

Hey guys I would just like to introduce myself as the newest member of Rock Solid fishing. I grew up fishing in my back yard the chesapeake bay. I have also spent many trips to Oregon inlet as well as Hatteras. The cobia fishing has been Fantastic in Hatteras this year hopefully I can get some pictures up to share with you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Recent Rocksolid pics

Blow day catching up.

Cobia fishing has been hot. All fish have been caught using traditional sight casting methods. You ride along see the fish a flip her a bucktail or live bait. I must apologize to the crew on the 19th for the crummy fishing. The weather man said partly cloudy and there we stood pouring , and I mean ridiculous pouring rain. Somehow in the rain we got a shot at a 30 and 80lber but it did not work out. We saved the skunk by getting a blacktip, but pretty much a skunk. Sorry guys and we will get our revenge! High boat this day was 1 fish. Besides this trip we have had Jerry and DEbbie with 7 fish 84 + 98 lbs and red drum, Cowbell with limit of cobia to 65lbs and some big red drum, ole buddy Lynwood catching around 40 cobia with his buddy in two days of fishing. They boxed an 82 lber! Now the weather has us boogered up and we will try to get back on em when the ground swell and winds dissipate. This has been good fishing time span for the ole Rocksolid in the past but this season has been nothing short of phenomenal and I am sure it will slow back to reasonable numbers. Two - seven cobia in the boat is considered good cobia fishing but this has been insane! Thanks guys for fishing! Next open date on the Rock Solid will be the 19th of July. But we have other ambitious, friendly, non-hyper (laid back), mobile, let you cast, Captains, boats, and trips available ...

We have The Carolina Blue with Capt Ches Tyson doing it from Cobia to the kid friendly crabbie patty fishing/ crabbing trip.

The Southern Run with Capt Matt Anderson with cobia to trout fishing as well. He reminds me of myself 12 years ago young, ambitous, hard charging, ready to roll.

And newest member of the Rocksolid crew Chesapeake Bay cobia whacker guy Brandon Overall. He runs a privateer center console called the Reel High. He loves sightcasting to fish and he is a awesome accomplished fisherman in the bay for cobia, red drum, big flounder, tog, spadefish, and more. He also fishes down our way as well!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Fishing

Guys fishing has been pretty hot lately with the cobia. I have been going every day. I will get reports a pics updated soon, looks like a day off in the future with bad weather forecast. Check out Debbie's fish here next to the 30lber, this one rocked the scale at 98-100lbs!!! Jerry on the next fish hooked up a 84lber. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glarey gary but we got em!

The rain, winds, and rough seas kept us to the dock today. Just too much for cobia fishing. So I am trying to be good and update every chance I can get. Fished yesterday and it was a tough day, dreary conditions, rainy skies, and glare on the water made for tough very patient cobia fishing. The glare just cuts down the distance you can see a cobia from the boat. With all the fish we have be seeing and catching of late we figured we could scratch out a few. The Stan crew fished hard and we hooked three right out of the gate just off plane. Good start. We ended up landed 7, kept 5, and released 2 on the day and I was very happy with that, with the conditions we had. Thanks fellas!

Monday, May 17, 2010

great fishing

Yesterday i fished with Brandon on the Reel High and it was one exciting day. We had caught 40 fish by 1 o clock. There where 4 citations caught with are biggest being 64 lbs. We saw about 200 in schools of 10 to 20 fish at a time. This is some of the best fishing iv ever seen cant wait to get back out there and get some more.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wow! Great cobia fishing continues!

Been back at it hard the last few days and the cobia fishing has been fantastic. Still fishing off Hatteras out of Oden's dock. Still waiting for them to swing around Buxton so we can get them out of Oregon-Inlet and be back home. Cold waters have kept them South so far, but that has helped to really bunch them up. All fish have been sightcasting with bucktails. Fish have weighed 25-70lbs. The last couple days with Fred and posse we boxed 10 fish (2 per man) and released many more. It was a fun time. These guys even gaffed the fish. At first a little timid then after a few fish under their belts they grew confident and started slinging them in like pros. These young guys really did a great job fighting these tough fish. We also landed some nice spanish mackerel. Thanks fellas for a great couple days.
We got a few openings so if you wanna try your luck give us a call and we will get you rigged up!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lama lures

Pretty weather conditions today but nothing to report because scheduling screw up has left me to the dock. We fished yesterday and it was cold water, rough, dreary conditions. Weather man got us on this one. Hooked one shark and came in early. Ches fished the sounds around Oregon-inlet and had good bluefish and a few flounders. Weather and fishing should straighten out now and cobia fishing should get back on track. Special thanks to the great Bob o lama of Lama lures for his custom tied cobia lures. If you are interested give us a e-mail inquiry.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Double D!

Got out yesterday the 11th of May with Brian, wife windy and two sons Luke and Noah. Brian used to run the big inshore boat the Finatic a few years back and is quite the accomplished Captain and angler. I actually mated on the his boat a few times before I got cranked up years ago. So it was cool to have him and his family of the boat. The skies were cloudy offering feeble visibility. The East winds had the air and water temperatures sub par. They were stoked and I was too so against the odds we went for it. We got lucky and landed one fat cobia on the day. The highlight of the day was the school of big red drum we sightcasted to and these two young guns put a hurtin on them. We tossed bucktails on these fish hooked up pulled away from them got the fish in and then went back and whacked them a couple more rounds!

The 10th Dannie and Nina of the Double D Hunting Ranch came down and we had a great cobia day. We landed 9 fish, kept five and realeased four. Nina got the big citation fish of the day. Dannie hope you can get ole Kelly a chunk of cobia for dinner.

Did not fish 9th and 8th due to foul weather one day and Mother's day the next. From what I heard Mother's day was a good cobia day as well.

The cobia fishing has mostly been off the Hatteras area. Another week or two and we will be getting them off Oregon-Inlet area. The bluefishing has been great 0ff Oregon Inlet and the Spanish have been plentiful off Hatt. Some specks peppered in the sounds with black drum. Ches had a crabbie patty trip with the little guys and had some excellent blue crabs for them to take home. I included a pic I got the other morning with a legend who I look up to Omie Tillet who has forgot more fish than we will ever catch! Got some openings so give us a call!!! Thanks everyone

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bloody Friday!!!!!!

The perfect storm formed up for the best cobia fishing I have ever seen ever by far in my life. Arch told me of a "bloody Sunday"(92ish?) in Destin Fla. when cobia showed like no other. Those guys down there are insane cobia fishermen. Do not go down there with your chest poked out because it will get poked back in. Till you get the groove. A fantastic fanatical cobia mecca for any cobia fisherman. Guys hope the oil does not get ya.
North Carolina...
Thursday am getting top portion of the tower (aka getto tower) re-welded by Kelly since we stressed a couple spots in Destin. Got rigged back up(Thx Kevin) Fished the afternoon with four nice gentlemen around Oregon-Inlet and had a great afternoon casting double jigs landed nice fat taylor bluefish. Thanks guys and see you guys next year!
The calls stated to trickle in about cobia starting to show off Ocracoke and Portsmouth Island. I had my slip already lined up in Hatteras and the next day I was ready to get in position just like I have for many past seasons. I could not find a trip. Tried quite a few good cobia guys but nobody could get away from work etc. Finally ole Hunter friend, client, and my accountant with Wilford and Associates of Chesapeake nutted up and decided it was time for a last minute ehh consultation. Get this, at the dock at 5:30 am yep thats right off at six heading downsea in a 10-15knot northeast wind just shakin our heads how brown cracked out we are. 37 miles south later we turned the corner after running in 62-64 degree water we headed west down into the "hook" of Buxton. I hopped downstairs to get eels whatever rigged up (ha ha) and Hunter yelled at Capt Slacktor theres 8-14 cobia right next to the boat! He hooked up and after getting rigged up I hooked one myself! Then we noticed hey theres a couple over there and a pack of five over here, oh boy we are in the meat!!! Our cracked out accomplice Kevin called bummin wondering where we were and what we had seen even though it was not even 8. I said at this time we have landed 6 seen many more and we have not been here 30 minutes, you better get here. Well at 10 I get the call of our crazed buddy on the beach in his truck swimming out to us to get on the boat!!! At this point Hunter and myself had landed 22 kept four and released the rest. We rode by two singles, and a pack of four not casting just to pick up his butt! He hopped on and immediately we saw a pack of 10 and another pack of 15 we tried to start to not cast to fish and only cast at the fifty plusers. Well you try to hook the one or two 50 plus pound fish when there are 12 other hungry 30 lbers in there! We fished laughed pulled and tugged all day! At one point when we were pulling on a triple I looked back at the 15-20 boats in the area fishing and every boat was stopped and hooked up to fish!!! We worked with the fish to the west as the day progressed in the 67.5-70 degree water easing off Frisco pier. Arms locked up hands bloody from wrestling with cobia releases and backs sore we had to get Kevin back to his truck to swim in. We lost two dehookers, broke my favorite rod in half, and lost a few jigs but damn we caught some fish! All casting jigs no eels or anything. Every boat did, heck skiffs with no towers caught 10-15 fish! It was a once in a lifetime experience, if you love cobia fishing. No going in early just keep fishing beacuse there are so many days you fish all day for just a shot or two. We did not take it for granted. We decided to call it after we soaked just watching a pod of 22 fish 30-45lbs. We landed a pair out of that and headed home. Pull up the Rutgers satellite shot and look at the wall that was set up for it! Buddies asked me how many did you see and I can only say 400+. We brought six to the gaff up to 67lbs and released 66, which shatters my old record. 72! 72! 72 cobia brought to the gaff or dehooker in one day three guys. Wish I would of had a mate and four more guys crankin so we could of caught so many more but then again it was perfect! Did not see any 100lbers but saw a few 75 lbers. I heard a 80lber caught (pretty work Casey) Fish ranged from 15-75lbs with 30-35lbs being the norm. The only thing we pulled up short on was the lack of pics and vid clips but honestly we were too busy.
This is not casting at dinks and counting pulled off fish. It is not that we were so great but that there were absolutely so many fish present. Thanks to Cato of the Free Agent for helping with the day before heads up call!!! You deserved this day as much as anyone, but you will always get yours! You are a good friend. And thanks God for giving me the few real friends I have to fish and confide with and blessing us with this day and if Heaven is anything like this I swear I will quit drinking!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back Home!

Nice to get back home to see the family! Been back for a day and a half. Looks like I left the Panhandle just in time because that oil spill looks real bad down there. Got a trip out of Oregon Inlet tomorrow afternoon and then not much scheduled till mid May. Good news the cobia are already in range right now out of Hatt Inlet so come on we will go down and whack some cobia and drum. I will be keepin one boat down in Hatteras for a few weeks til the cobia get closer to Oregon Inlet. So as of now we can fish you at Oregon Inlet, Hatteras, and Kitty Hawk! Thanks Aaron