Monday, March 23, 2009

Blue Moon Beach Grill

Back when I was slinging drinks as a bartender at Owens' restaurant. There was a friend and Chef named Scott. Everyday after fishing I would come in a get him to make me something to eat because his food was always awesome. He just had the it factor. Some guys could throw in the same ingredients but Scott's food always just tasted better. Now he has a restaurant on the 13 milepost on the OBX. Blue Moon Beach Grill And I am stoked about it. Killer food, great prices.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Been busy busy sanding, grinding, painting. Got to do a seminar at the Capt Marty's fishing school. That was fun and thanks Marty! Also get to slip in a little with a trip here or there to fish for whatever we can catch. The puppy drum aka redfish have been the best bet. They have been in the skinny water. Which brings me to a heads up for your support on a bill coming into effect in the state to protect red drum and speckled trout to designate them game fish status. This would relieve these depressed stocks from gill netting and our prolific estuary could rival that of Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina etc. Check it out at Thanks!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dates for next winter..

Been sanding and grinding and painting on one of the three boats. Not much to report lately with little trip activity as expected. Been some puppy drum showing up on the light spinning and some striper fishing in some new hollows as well. Ocean stripers may still be around. In years past I have landed them as late as March 25th but a needle in a haystack. Did hear of a trawler packing out at the fish house a few days back loading out his 100 fish limit with most fish over the 50lb mark. Wow and Bummer. This is a shot of Daniel Arnold holding one piggy of many fish landed off Nags Head jigging this season in early Feb. Figured you would rather see fish pics and all than some fat cap's butt crack sanding. Got a trip for Friday let ya know how we do if we go. Do not want to miss these pretty weather days. Hard to believe it almost hit 80 degrees today. Give me a shout if you want to do some fishing. Thanks everyone!

uh hum

Cool pic from my friend Matt. Yes those are cobia hanging around a whale shark in the Gulf.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not scared! Thanks for everything Rusty.

26th of Feb. Got the call from the fishing center to run a half day trip for a nice man, his bride, and there dog!?! Since trips have slowed quite a bit and the weather was absolutely beautiful we went for it. Told Rusty the haps of what was going on and he said I am not scared lets go for rock! Half day trip for stripers in late Feb out of OI well I told him probably skunky in our future. SO off we went finding bait and whales but no rock. Talking with Rusty I found out he was a green beret and had been off in Afghanistan whacking Taliban. I really wanted to find him some fish. Got a call about some birds diving on bait above us quite a few miles. So off we rode and rode. And then we got em! Rusty, his bride, and Bam Bam whacked some fat piggy rock about a mile off the beach. Fatback swimming around in circles on the top, ganets, and stripers. Could not of asked for a better favor. We got back in at dusk with vapors in the tank. Mission complete. Thanks Rusty we all greatly appreciate your efforts for us to insure our freedom!!!!!Thank You!

Thanks, got it done!!!

After a few days and laying on the couch watching bad infomercials I decided to get off my lazy butt and update. After I wrongly tortured one of my good friends and clients to super crappy skundidlyupmtous fishing I was cranky. Sorry guys we will get our revenge in Sept.!! Our ocean rock fishing has just about finished up iff the OBX somedays we can get em and some not. So if you like to gamble with yer $, comeon.

Then of course it is fishing!!! A couple single clients called with interest in going fishing getting pumped up on rock fishing and all. I told them the rock fishing was (as expected for late Feb) quickly waning. I pitched the tilefish idea and the 50/50 shot on the rock. So off we went laying it to the tiles. We landed 25 keeping 15 and also some doggy doggs. Good action was to be had calm seas just a nice day of fishing, good action. 30 miles off the beach with calm seas in late Feb does not happen very often. Thanks Fellas hope you enjoyed all those tasty fillets, I did!