Monday, December 28, 2009

Young Guns!!!!

Fished today with my brother Jason, nephew Travis, and his friends Skylar, Sage, and Tanner. It was Travis's b-day and he wanted to go whack some rock with his buddies. After getting out of a nasty inlet we shoved up the beach for quite a haul till we found the motherload! Sage started us off with a double on one rod with 30 and 37lbers on at the same time. We actually had all four poles go down. These rascals washed, slid, and cranked around for over a hour constantly hooked up till conditions and timing pushed us back towards home with the wind at our backs to Oregon Inlet all smiles! Thanks fellas for fishing hard with wet fingers and feet. Happy Birthday Travis!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rock fish and Swans

Sounds like Clinton and the home town crew had a great day. Happy birthday buddy, you just can't beat a day like that! Clinton, hope your not to old next year for a repeat!!! Now that the water is getting cold the fish should only get closer. Looking forward to some of those 40 and 50lbs pigs! We had a lot of fun with the fish at the inlet this year and so far the Chesapeake Bay trips have gone very well. The weather has been crazy this year. On the duck hunting seen I have had a mixed bag, mostly mallards and teal. My little cousin got his first swan this weekend, good job Cuz! Maybe on your next trip with BAR BE Q Dave you will get your allusive Ruddy duck! Heading out in the morning on a scout mission for ducks. Next fishing trip should be Friday, keep your fingers crossed for some nice weather!
Happy New Year!!!! 2010 WOW!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Merry Christmas to all and I hope you enjoy your friends and family tomorrow!!!
Got back on it after a few days off with that big storm rolling through and Big C was not scared to try the run up the beach to see what was shakin. He brought couple friends which happened to be couple guys I grew up with in Kitty Hawk. Paul and John Penland. He got a Rock Solid trip as a birthday present. Really we have not had any weather to run up and fish. Yesterday was light North and we cruised up to see what was up. After a couple hours we found the meat and put out a few trolling rods out and two then all three went down. Landed seven in one pass. Pretty good since we had seven lures out. We stopped to try jigging and landed some fish and then did the troll jig deal. We landed forty and had enough and came on home. Most fish were in the 15-20lb range with a few 30+lbers mixed in. Did not see a boat all day which tells me plenty of fish above as well so maybe we can get some decent weather so we can go fishing for em again. And thanks John for all you do for us and everyone else in the military. Thanks everyone for the Christmas emails gifts and cards. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

still fishing hard

Capt. Matt here. Just got my computer fixed so its game on. First off, fished the Bluewater Striper Tournament in Hampton, VA with my close friends Brandon, Casey and Seth. We caught the most in the tourny but came in 5th place with a 38 pounder. After that ran a trip at the Oregon Inlet Bridge. Had multiple bites but only got one in the boat. Hope to get back out after this weather passes. Looking to hear from ya so we can catch some fish!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well off today and going to throw up a couple pics of the last few days of fishing. Jr and Hugh came up and we fished a couple days. Day one Chesapeake Bay Bridge, two fat stripers eeling around 30lbs, and 40lbs. Then off to cast the eight pound tackle to some schoolies. We landed fish about every fourth cast. Then on the way home close to dusk the birds a few miles west of the bridge started working on a nice school of fish and we landed a bunch more 18-32 inch fish.
Day two poor weather but no worries off to the calm trout hole. Tough fishing managed to scrap out a few small fish and one puppy drum. Jr saved the day with one monster moby gator speck. Thanks guys.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oregon Inlet Stripers

Lurking around the Inlet once again yesterday with a few trips. Back to Oregon Inlet after a trip up to the Bay (Thanks Danny). Matt was up in the Chesapeake Bay fishing a rockfish tournament in which they finished in fifth. So I should be back up there mid week as well to hit the trout hole and stripers. Being mobile and flexible to fish when and where ever has allowed us more options on most any weather conditions. The Lane crew from Buffalo fished the morning trip and landed three rock livebaiting 30, 33, 36lbers. Glad to have them after all the crazy weather and slower fishing as of late. These guys always whack the cobia with me in the late summer and pretty neat to see guys will to come this far to fish!
Fishing the evening/night we managed 4 to the boat up to 35lbs and missed a few more. So thanks to everyone for fishing. Feel free to call the house and we can get you rigged up! Looks like Ches has some duck hunting trips coming as well so maybe we can squeak out a post from him.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

back under the moon

This is Capt Matt on Southern Run fished Monday night had few nice bites at the bridge. Landed one 30lb rock and and a few nice sharks. The fishing wasn't as good as it been considering the conditions. We fished hard and still manage to get some bites and land some fish.
Talked to Aaron this evening he got 10 bites and landed 5 nice rocks in Chesapeake Bay. Give use a call and well get you rigged up for next time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

While you were sleeping.

Fished late last night and had some good fishing as you can tell from the picture as well. Fish up to 40lbs. Also had a little company with Matt running a night trip as well aboard the ole Dehart boat. aka Southern Run. I am sure some of you regulars have been on that one with me in the past. So options we have with fishing opportunities in NC and Va and a few captains to fish with. Thanks guys for fishing!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wow piggy fishing continues!!!

It has been a great run lately!!!! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their families! Sorry for the lax reports but man, been busy fishing. Morning , afternoon , and my favorite the night trips. We have not been getting tons of bites but the fish we have been landing have been pigs. Some trips getting just a couple bites and some getting 15 -20 bites. We did have two trips where we came up short with no tide and one or two bites and either broke off the fish on the pilings or pulled hooks. Sorry guys. The other trips have been good, landing 2-12 fish. Fish have been averaging in the 30 pound range! We normally catch nice fish this time of year but this is much better than the last few years. We have landed a 40, 40, 41, 42, and today the Hollowell set the bar high with a 50 inch 50lber today!!! That is one of the nicest fish we have landed around the inlet. Also if you can brave the chilly nights the night stuff has been good as well. Most fish have been on eels and a few on the gibbs darter. Been fishing the ledges and bridges. I hope the big fish stay around but who knows. Also been fun to see some other private boats catching a few piggies themselves! Fished the shoals and caught a few but really I try to stay away from them since they are so rough and dangerous and I am becoming more of a wuss the older I get. Special thanks to everyone for fishing hard. Got a few openings next week so give us a call if you wanna go.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still Gettin some nice fish!!!

Had a half day fishing trip today and yesterday and we caught fish both trips with a 38lber being the biggest. Most of the fish have been really really nice for this time of year 27-38lbs! Really fun fishing now four days straight. Hope it continues and hope to see a few more folks book some trips. There are a few guys that are doing it and we all could use and appreciate the business! Less than $90 a man or woman. I spend more than that at walmart any afternoon! Thanks guys for fishing!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Stripers up to 37lbs!

Off out again this afternoon with some of the fishing center's crew and a journalist from Raleigh. So you know we are not going to get any bites. Got lucky. Caught a few sheepshead and then had 8 striper bites and got 4 nice fish in the 30lb class to the boat pretty work guys!!! Saw a few more boats lurking about and probably see a few more but hopefully the fish will hold and get better. Give us a call and get rigged up! Thanks Aaron

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally back to the water! Stripers!

After over a good week and a half of looking at wind, rain, and beach erosion we finally got a chance to go back out. And of course the name of the party was named Windy. These guys are from Tenn. and had a crappy vacation week with the flooding/ weather debacle and I could not promise good fishing but they were not scared and tried it anyways. They were rewarded with the first nice ocean rock of the season out of Oregon Inlet. We fished the afternoon around the inlet shoals and all. We landed 4 out of 5 fish up to a citation 35lbs! So that is always nice to see some of these nice Rock making it down to NC! Thanks Fellas for fishing! Still got plenty of openings for this upcoming winter season! Thanks Aaron

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toggers on the Blogger.

Still catching fish. Water was 57 degrees. Of course it will warm up some with this favorable weather. I am trying to fill the gaps with some fun tasty, togs and sheephead till a decent sign of stripers show... Also got a few bookings to fish the bay in the upcoming months and the the big pig trout hole is starting to load up as well. Tog are a cold water wreck fish, flounder, tilefish, big blues, speckled trout, reddrum , king, shark are options besides stripers this fall and winter. Ches has some duck hunts on the books as well. You gotta see the pontoon float blind duck death trap he has created. Well we are not going anywhere just gonna fish when we can, eat oysters, and shoot ducks. Feel free to call the house for any info you need. Special thanks everyone for fishing on the Rock Solid and Carolina Blue!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soundside stripers and good redfishing!

Off today with Doreen Doreen the fishing machine and her crew. We have hit the soundside stripers three years in a row with them and they enjoy the light tackle action. So back we went and we landed a nice 12 fish limit on the light spinning with a few fish over 28". We also got a nice bonus drum as well. Honestly the fishing has been so good around the inlet with drum, triggers, sheephead, and tog, that I have not focused much at all on the stripers till the waters cool. I also know that this will be the primary quarry this winter so it is nice to mix it up while I can. We also had a nice 10 redfish morning yesterday and the day before we whacked them landing over 25 fish with some over 20lbs!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Daddy daycare

Off today and the kids are taking over. This is way harder than fishing in the rain, wind, or rough ocean. Fishing has been good overall some trips have been slow and some trips have been pretty good. Trout, red drum, bluefish, flounder, occasional striper have been rounding out the bit. Red drum have been 24-31 inch range and fun on the 10-12lb spinning gear. Yesterday was interesting. am trip we landed a keeper flounder, then a few throwbacks, and a couple taylor blues. We were trying for drum but not getting any love. Then we hooked up line peeling out and there we go a 15lb bluefish?!? Have not seen big blues since last Jan. Hooked another and he chewed through the 30lb leader. Then in 2.5 feet of water we hooked a drum, and then we hooked up and this seamonster came up splashing and thrashing for a moment and we realized we were hooked up to a 7-8 foot bull shark only problem is was on a 10lb spinning outfit. After a few minutes he broke off but kinda creepy west of the bridge where the locals clam a shark of that caliber creepin around. Then we stood in the driving rain for a few hours with the wind blowing south hard we picked out a small puppy drum and some small speckled trout. Back out again in the afternoon with 71 yr old Roger Weekly from Pa. I was kinda scared but he was not. So we tried the sheepshead with the rain clearing as the first zephyr of wind came from the northwest. The fish were biting one or two on every drop with four or five following it up, water was right and I really have not seen the sheephead quite that aggressive before. Everything was poppin on the front. Roger had plenty of fish for dinner and wanted to try another fish. So we moved to the trout hole and every cast we landed a speckled trout or missed the bite! Most were small spike trout but I will trout fish when it is that good. I am sure we landed over 50. Now the winds were pushing due North and crankin about 30-35knots and Roger wanted to try one more spot. So back to the bullshark hole for hopefully a drum to round off the afternoon. Third rod in the water hooked up! 31 inch redfish in the boat picture and back over since he exceeded the 27 inch keeper length. A flounder a couple of blues and then one more nice 29 " inch drum and finally Roger and trip time were finished! Of course not every afternoon trip is that good but it sure is fun to watch everything unfold at the right time and right place. ROger had fished an am trip with me earlier in the week and we worked of butts off four five hours to get two bites and land one 27 " inch keeper redfish. Thanks to everyone for keeping myself busy supporting the family and keeping me from changing diapers!!!!