Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stringing them together.

Been going hard on the fishing with the weather letting us go. Most days we have been doing pretty good. No just cobia all day every day now. We have had to mix it up with triggers, aj's, cobia, drum, blues, and some dolphin.
Pretty work to Mark-a-lama, and Bob-a-lama, aka lama lures and gaffs for the great day they had. Mark sightcasted and landed 3 nice red drum, then a limit of triggers, and then six nice cobia with Bob getting a 70lber to the boat!

Perez crew boated four out of 8 61,60,55,35lbcobia and gave me the early dismissal. These guys are the epitome of laid back.

John Sawyer got a quick cobia in the box and then beat up on some Aj's on Topwater plugs.

Winstead Crew whacked the triggers, released a cobia, and landed a nice bailer.

Elliot crew landed Aj's, trigger, and blues.

Snyder crew came out and landed some triggers, seamullet, croaker, sheephead, and jumped off a jumbo couple of gaffers.

Got the opportunity to take good friends Shane and his bride Heidi offshore for a change of pace and landed a limit of dolphin, a 50lb yellowfin, and a gaffer mixed in, we also had scary time when a big ole blue one came up and snacked on one of our bailers, the 7/0 dink bait hook did not hold. Kinda glad probably would of been an debacle anyways with the cobia rod we had it hooked up on. If you wanna go offshore call the fishing center, not my deal, just once in a blue moon. Thanks to everyone for fishing and catching! Thanks Aaron
Give us a call to get rigged up!

Friday, June 25, 2010

3/4 day

Got it booked thanks guys going fishing!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Thanks to my buddy Casey Russell, I got a phone call about a good bite saturday and was able to head on out. My friend Seth, from TWs Bait & Tackle came along for an exciting afternoon. Saw a bunch of spooked fish and managed to catch three.

On tuesday, right out the gate saw two slick calm wakers and managed to hook both up. Fished hard all day in Rodanthe during the hot wheather and made out good.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Super Hero / Super Zero

Happy Father's Day guys. Took the day off and figured I would update the happenings of late on the Rock Solid. Fishing has been pretty good of late. Cobia have been making there way into the fish box. We have been sighcasting these guys from the tower along the beaches. On the 15th Bob, Chad, Caleb, and Gaven came out fishing for the cobia. We landed six nice fish with 12 year olds Gaven and Caleb getting each 61lb citation cobias as well! Caleb also spotted his own fish from the tower, hooked, and landed it while I was wrestling fish in the cobia coffin. Great day alot of fun, should of seen the one that got away. Probably dragging around 350 yards of samurai braid around some bouy chain up in the Chesapeake bay. Can get em all but fun to try.
The Lamm crew followed up the next day with a pretty catch. Spanish mackeral up to four pounds, plenty of triggerfish, and three nice cobia added to the mix made for a fantastic day. Hope you guys enjoy all those fillets!
Super Hero day with the Heisman crew. Out we go putting along for cobia and things started out slow. We finally saw a pair of cobia and got both of them. They were kinda floating over a school of Drum. Lost sight of the Drum whole fighting the cobia, but that would be fine because as the day went along we landed more cobia and fished on a school of Red Drum sightcasting to them for over an hour. Arms tired we left em to head home late could not fathom action any better on the day.
Super Zero day two with the guys and weather said calm winds and seas but he bait and switched us. Downsea we washed looking for cobia nothing, finally buzzed one off Avon. Wind picked up some more. Well we will fish across the shoals the down to Hatteras Inlet and cruise back home via the Palmico Sound. Off the tip of the shoals, big fat piggy cobia inhales the eel pull drag jumps around then a very evil little bluefish decides he wants to taste eel. This would be the very same eel that slid up the hook after the cobia was hooked up. Well that cobia owes that evil little bluefish one. That is how the day was for us, pulling off jack crevalles and not getting a unmolested magical bait ball. So we took off back home up the sound and got rimracked to whole way back. One of the longest boat travel days for me. Cannot say we don't give it 100%. Hats off to you guys Stu, never met a crew that could possibly be any tougher than you guys. Next trip we are gonna whack em.
Yesterday back to great fishing again. The Smith party (aka 15.5lb flounder catcher guys) came out fishing. Calm seas clear water and cobia present made for a fun day of Oregon Inlet. No big steam today the fish found us. reminded me of fishing the reef in Destin for cobia. It really was a pretty day. We kept out ten fish limit of cobia (two per man) released some and the biggest fish was 63lbs! Pretty work guys! Thanks to everyone for fishing.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fished with some steeler fans form Pittsburgh, PA yesterday. We had a great day even though it was a little slow. Saw 2 cobia in the 30 to 40lbs class range. Managed to hook one nice cobia up weighing in at 35lbs. Had a great time cant wait to see yall again
tight Lines

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rock Solid reporting in.

The cobia fishing has cooled off fast just as the water temps. This has been a uncharacteristic June out of Oregon Inlet with a lot of down-current and a lot of cool water in place. Not saying the fishing stinks just not great cobia fishing. The trolling for blues and spanish aka Buckshottin has been pretty good for the guys. The aj's, sheephead, and triggers have been nice as well. Capt Nemo put the first dolphin on the Rock Solid for the year a mile off the beach off Rodanthe on a bucktail! Which was surprising since the water has been so screwy this season. We also saw 7 cobia that day.

Got back on them on the 8th with Butch and co. We whacked on some nice cobia landing six with 66,62,58,54 being the four larger fish. Pretty work fellas.

We briefly tried on the 9th but the crappy weather conditions headed us back to the dock.
10th did not get to fish wind high winds and weather in the am. Went out for a couple hours in the evening but never saw a cobia.

Ole Cb, Cb, Cb, Cowbell and Tom came out the following day and we got one cobia for the box. That fish was insane Scott up at Blue Moon beach grill (MP 16) cooked us up some fresh cobia, fried squash blossom, seared scallops, great wine. All I am gonna say is you better go try lunch or dinner there. Thanks Tom and Cb

Ole buddy's from high school and beyond yesterday. Seth and crew out and whacking some triggers for dinner, then a little spanish mackeral/ bluefish action, then a nice bonita mackeral, then a nice tasty cobia, then cinderella story, 1.5 hours of 30-50lb class red drum on top off Avon and left em tailing.

Then the low..five cobia spotted today with the A team and one shot at one (big fat piggy) and no results to show for, skunkola! Sorry guys. I guess it is the balance of things for all the cobia we have punished in the past!

Thanks everyone for fishing hard and having a good time! Looking forward to this water setting back up so we can get back on the right cobia track!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

day off fishing hard

Capt Brandon and I have been best friends and been fishing together since we were young boys. Today were were both at the house without a trip and decided to fish together once again. My fiancee and good friend Seth, who works at TW'S bait and tackle, drove to the bay and had a great day. We saw tons of bait and a nice amount of cobia. We managed to land 4 nice cobia. There are a ton of life and a ton of fish to catch up there. We hope we get a chance to get some more people up there with some more good weather and good fishing days ahead of us.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Well long time no post!Yeah I've been fishing alot the last few months In Kitty Hawk then Hatteras Then Organ Inlet then back to Hatteras!You get the idea.Cobia fishing has been a blast so far with more to come!Got a chance to change gears and go Sheeps Head fishing with the Fish Masters Ryan And Chris.Chris and could not hold a candle to Ryan no matter What we fished for.We made a break south to play with the AJs,I had forgot how much fun they are!On the sound front the trout showed up,I was starting to think they all froze this winter.I'll make a point to keep up with See what happens when I get on this thing lol whats next the my face thing!!.....UM No. thanks to all of the guys and gals who fish with us!Looking forward to the summer,see you on the water soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Capt Slacktor Back to update

Sorry guys for not updating since the 29th of May but fishing everyday and family emergencies have kept me away. We landed some more nice cobia with JT and the gang on the second day of fishing with them. Not seeing many numbers of cobia. Mark Arbutus crowd got the cinderella trip of late. We started out with a 60lb cobia then a triple of 25-40lb red drum then five more cobia to the boat. Then on the way home cruising and looking we hooked a shamoo on plane. Paul Taylorson of Baltimore slowed worked this bruiser to the boat. Out went the crippler and in the boat was a piggy 94lber! Donnie also threw up some 70-80lb piggies on the dock as well. It sure has been a good year for us so far!

Then here comes the crappy fishing with Zak and co. we could only muster up one blacktip andone cobia. The 2nd, skunk, big ole fat skunk on the cobia, we got into postion only to have a thunderstorm chase us back to the dock. The Francis crew, we tried hard but just no cobia poppin anywhere so we went off and beat up on the Amberjack on jigs and topwater. Super Randy Wong came out on the 4th and we tried a new spot I have been wanting to try. Well the Aj's were thick as fleas and monster blacksea bass to 21 inches! We kept 10 between 3-6lbs. Serious knotheads, we also released 15+ keeper fish as well. Randy also landed the largest ling cod I have ever see on my boat.
Then I have not been back on the boat the last couple of days. Cobia fishing will pick back up but right now we have had an unusual amount of cold water 60-64 locked in on us and that has kept the cobia away with only a few being spotted by anyone. The guys in the bay have started to catch some and fish have been spotted pretty regularly off Cape Lookout. So hopefully we can get these water temps back into the 68-71 degree range and get back on track with these cobia. Other fish that have been around are puppy drum, bluefish, spanish, sharks, aj's, sheephead. The crabbing trips have been going great as well with nice hauls of crabs. Thanks everyone for keeping up with us and fishing with us! Probably get blown out tomorrow and back on it on the 8th! Thanks Aaron