Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Evans family catches fish!

Enjoyed fishing with the Evans family the other evening.  Action started off good. Schoolie stripers fit the bill. Then a short lull, picked at just a few speckled trout then finished up with some double headers!  It was t-shirt weather and flat calm what a great afternoon!  Young Mr. Webb, Ginger, Anna McLean it was a pleasure to fish with ya!!!   

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ole JR gets it done!!

Fished with ole Jr. Friday and sat.  We caught a bunch of schoolie size rock and a few trout on fri.  I was leading three of the four side bet categories.  Fun action and good time. Sat once again I was out to a quick lead!  It was blowing hard and sleeting.  The bite was a pick so I figured I was gonna have this one in the bag.  Jr needed a piggy. Bam he hooked up to a stud something.  Pulled off thirty yards of drag then it pulled off?!  Major bummer.  Well Jr twitched the lure and couple more times and hooked up again!!! What in the world.  Drag singing!! I figured maybe he had passed through a school of nice drum or something.  After ten or so minutes we saw a tail flap and realized it was a fat speckled trout!! Got her in the net.  Got a few pics did a length and girth cheered for a minute then let her go.  That's why I keep one of those 15lb boga grips they are super accurate.  Fish was 30.5 inches 17 girth and nine pounds!  Cb knocked me down a few pegs on some of our side bet categories but hats off to him!  Cbbbbbbbbb!!!!! If that's not a cabin fever cure all I do not know what is.  Great job Jr.  We act like kids out there fishing.  Also fish was landed on Jrs brand new custom drum skin rod Capt Nemo (aka Nick Walke Tws bait n tackle) had made for him on its maiden fishing trip!  Now we gotta get a ten pounder!  Guys have caught em bigger than that up there.  I think the journey and atticipation is as much fun as actually catching a trophy fish.  We buy lures all shapes and sizes get jacked up when the new " secret weapon lure" comes in from Japan  or where ever.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cabin Fever cure all!

Still catching em!  The Dykena party came out Sunday afternoon.  The fish were biting.  More stripers than anything but good action on fish from 2-10lbs!  Catching them on the light rods always a blast! We also had some nice specks mixed in.  Been bunch of reds up there as well but we did not see any this round.  So if your tired of calibrating the couch and want to catch fish then come on!  Thanks guys.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Job well Done!

"How to talk a 4 yr old into saving money.  It's his Capt. Aaron trip bank.  The other pic hangs in his room and every fish he sees is nothing compared to his Cobia...Kevin, Steph and Ryder.  Hope you had good holiday"
Sorry for not posting sooner but besides a snowstorm not much to report on the fishing front.  We got five to six inches of snow here last week.  Pretty crazy.  I remember when I was a kid in Kitty Hawk in early 80's we got a big blizzard but mostly just a dusting or inch normally is all we ever get.  So that was fun for a few days!  The speckled trout got stunned from cold water run off in creeks and some died, thankfully some were harvested, and plenty still made it.  It does not affect the trout we have been catching in the Elizabeth River, they are still fat and biting.  We can still keep five a man per day up there.  We also have been catching little rock which we cannot keep.  Water temps of 39-41 off Kitty Hawk normally mean a cold water wedge had shoved the east coast stripers down here yet we are seeing and catching none.  Maybe a moratorium and application as a dishwasher next winter is in the future!  It is a sad day that's these wonderful game and good food fish has all but vanished!  Enough doom and gloom, that's not my nature.  We will keep fishing and finding new fish!!  That's what makes it fun and drives my passion.  I have included a picture of a young man and his momma that have fished with me for years.  They wanted him to catch/ touch his first shark.  After that on the way home Mom, Dad, and this uber cute little fella cranked in a 80ish lb cobia on a random day in the late July.  It was cool to see Dad holding up this monster, him looking up to him and the crowd of stoked onlookers down at the fishing center.   Love to get kids hooked on fishing!  Maybe a little less minecraft and a little more outdoors would help more families!!  Gotta a few trips lined up so I will keep you posted.  Getting ready for Florida in April!  Thanks everyone!