Sunday, June 28, 2009

Winner Winner Trigger Dinner!!!

Thanks Dave for the Killer new flag!!!!!!!! Looking forward too seeing you soon. Been fishing all over the place! Dolphin, cobia, triggerfish, blues, spanish, trout, and dinky flounder have been rounding out the bit. Cobia fishing has been good one day then no show the next. Hot water has been prevalent and the ole dolphinos have been nibbling. Jeff even boxed a 30lbera week or so ago. Triggers have been everywhere with all we have wanted to catch. Hope that holds up because they bend the pole and are good eating. The Aj's have been chewing and very cooperative on the topwater plugs. Ole Ole Ole JR even got a dose of bluefin tuna topwater action after amberjack fishing but they were too rad for the pad and these 100lb+ critters were too much for the 50lb braid. All and all we have been going hard with pretty good action. Lynwwod up in the upper part "getto tower" hooked up to a cobia and could not get down so he fought the fish from way uptop. We landed that one plus two, plus a nice fat dolphin! Sorry been lame with the updates and pics but fished close to 30 days straight. Just trying to give a glimpse of what we have been doing. Also hope the footage comes out on the underwater gaff cam. I strapped the underwater camera while sticking a cobia might be a new angle to see. Thanks everyone for fishing hard and fighting the glare to sightcast some nice fish!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cobia, Cobia, Cobia

That's what has been on my mind and in the boat! Been fishing everyday looks like a bad wx day approaching so maybe I can catch up and update. Thanks everyone and update and get pics soon. Got Ling?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Back at ole OI

Fished back with the Frazier crew on the 31st. Saw a few cobes on the shoals but kept hearing the reports of some fish off Rodanthe so decided to fish back starting point Hatteras Inlet ending point, Oregon-Inlet with nine cobias landed! Fish up to 74lbs. Been catching them everyday except for June 1st when the ocean was too rough and we beat up on little flounders and a few real nice speckled trout on the west side of Wanchese in the lee of the wind. Then off today with overcast rainy and windy conditions not conducive to sightcasting the cobia. Most of the fish have been in the 30-50lb range giving us excellent battles and table fare. Cobia reports are starting to trickle in from up in the bay and fish seem to be spotted from Oregon-Inlet to Cape Lookout so we should enjoy some good fishing for the next few weeks. So call you buddy and put him in the meat. Thanks everyone! Also wanted to send out a shout to Kim for a belated happy b-day. I will have to make it up to you with a few more nice fish this fall!, Go Pens.