Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and big pumpkin drum!

Today we slipped out looking for the "big ones".  We have hit the big drum up to sixty pounds, breaking fish whitewater with birds on em quite a few times the last few weeks.  We got em. Yesterday we landed some nice stripers to 15 pounds.  We have livebaited a few nice sharks as well.  Another evening we (Rocksolid, Carolina Blue)  ran way down the beach and after 20+(10 each) we decided we had enough. Matt on Southern Run came to where we were fishing and landed a absolute piggy. Gotta burn the fuel to get em. Any red over 27"  has to be released and these fish are running 38-50 inches!  So if you want to take a shot at some worldclass 30-60Lb redfish, lets roll!  So thanks to everyone for fishing call us if you want to hold one of these piggies up!!! Thanks everyone for rebooking your oct. dates for 2011.  Always good idea to book ahead!  Still have some openings left.  Thanks Aaron

Monday, October 25, 2010

Been going hard.

Got the afternoon off so I figured I would get a bunch of pics that I have taken off the camera on the site.  We have been fishing all over the place on the Rock Solid lately.  We have been doing the livebaitng with the light spinners for the abacore and that has been super fun.  The blues have been showing up pretty steady.  The tog have been biting.  We also have been hitting the tasty sheepshead quite regularly catching anywhere from 7-35 a trip! Keeping what we are gonna eat and releasing the rest.  The aj's are still off the beach but they are getting big and mean and hard to stop from getting in the structure.  Surprising we have landed some nice keeper sea bass up to 19 inches.  Have seven keepers mixed in on one trip.  The triggers popped back up to our surprise and they have been gigantors for triggers.  Had many over the 4 pound mark and weighed the biggest yesterday at six lbs!  The bigger croakers and grey trout have been real cooperative on the calmer days when we can get to them.  A few reds, and the stripers have been slow.  Large numbers of speckled trout but they all seem to fall short of the 14 inch keeper mark.  Of course everything will change but is has been good.  Thanks everyone for fishing!

team kickass, we always have fun!

Moser rocks

this is the specks that have been around, maybe next year


10/25/sunrise, yes sometimes I actually make it on the water at sunrise

slab o trigger

what he doing on my rig, he is supposed to be fishing somewhere


sheephead jedi

caught this one on a little maria jig

Doreen the fishing machine!

winner winner trigger dinner


all the single ladies! gotta see this dance!!!

we love Sandy, always brings good luck!

Houston we now have tunes on the Rock Solid!?!  No more crummy capt. singing.  Bring yer ipod and lets rock!

gotta get outta here or we are gonna get drilled!

starting out good

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carolina Boys with some nice Sheeps Head, and a few of Fish Master Sammys Black Drum.Nice job guys!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sammy s on fire!three to one on his older brothers so far.