Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cobia off Ocracoke

Here are a few pics I got off the wife's digital camera. Once again I killed yet another. Gotta get one of those waterproof shockproof sinkproof cameras. When my guys get there pics in I will get more cobia shots up. The first shot is of team Capuzzer we landed 5 cobia on May 24th despite the windy overcast conditions. On the second shot team Trent saw two and caught two not a bad average on May 22nd. On the 23rd with Super Randy we saw 12 fish and got a few in the boat that we tagged and released. Easier to gaff them and throw them in the box then grabbing them but Randy likes to throw them back. Plus it is cool to help out the resource and maybe we can get a return tag sometime from last years tags or this years and help formulate a better migratory pattern and stock assessment. These fish were landed sightcasting from the tower of the boat. I still have the Rock Solid tied up in Hatteras due to cool water temps off Oregon Inlet. We have been fishing from Hatt Inlet to Ocracoke Inlet with little or no boats around fishing which is always quite enjoyable. Should be lurking off Oregon Inlet around June 1. Been fishing everyday so I will post when I can. Call the house for booking info 252 441 6575 so we can get you and yours rigged up with some quality fish! Thanks everyone

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gaffer Dolphin anyone!!

We finally got a break in the weather so we took the opportunity to go and catch some gaffer dolphin in Hatters. The conditions were not perfect but the fishing was great!! We got to have most of the ocean to ourselves and the dolphins were hitting almost anything from big rattle traps to really old third trip ballyhoo! The tuna even seemed to like the old baits! It’s been a while since I had to fight a fish myself and my body is defiantly feeling it! Enjoying the tuna raw with a little soy sauce and wasabi made it not so bad!!
Looking forward to fishing with our buddy JR this week. The cobia bite has been good and the stories I have been hearing are of fish in the 90lbs range!!! I hope to hook up with one of those guys!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fishin when we can

Fishing has been good when we can go. Trips have been booked boat has been in position but the weather and rough conditions have been keeping us at bay. Yesterday for example we played around for three hours with Shane and Heidi Francis in Hatteras Inlet waiting for the tide to turn so we could get across the rough bar to go cobia fish. After a glorious eco tour of Ocracoke and Hatteras sand islands we got to slide out and fish for an hour before the front moved in. We got lucky and landed four cobia out of five and get back to the dock before the wind and rain moved in upon us. The Spanish mackerel have been thick as well. As I write this post it is blowing 35 knots from the Northeast, but we can always hope that once this last Low pressure exits we may have kind weather and get to hone in on some more excellent fishing. Thanks guys for fishing and hope you enjoyed the fillets!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cobia what else

Time to go fishin. The reports have been trickling in and yes the cobia have made an early showing. I have only a few openings left but May 11-15 are open, then May 19,June 5th,16th, and 25 are the only other open days on the Rock Solid. So this week I am either going fun fishing or give me a call and we will go get them!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Fun in Destin Fla

Fished every day except two for the month. Primarily cobia fishing, but when that was slow we landed plenty of Spanish, redfish, jack crevale, lady fish, and a few grouper. The cobia fishing overall was considered poor this season for the guys down there due to the excessive rainfall amounts making the water cloudy and the migration off. The most consistent action was the drum and the huge schools of piranha like jack in the 8-15lb range. I enjoyed the opportunities I received fishing with great friends, clients, new friends, and superb anglers! Try to get some more shots up as I go. Like the nice gag grouper Clinton sightcasted to 50 feet off the beach. Thanks everyone once again for the fun times awesome cocktails, fishing, and of course the good eats!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to the OBX!

Just got the ole Rock Solid back in town from fishing the Month in Destin Fla. Caught Redfish, Cobia, grouper and more get all caught up when pics come in. Ready to fish again in NC in a couple days. Thanks everyone for fishing, eating , and drinking hard! Aaron