Friday, April 30, 2010

Finishing Strong!

Just a day or two days left to fish in Destin and then back to the OBX. Unfortunately strong winds have us laid up today. Eric fished a couple more days since the last posting and had great results! We landed 6 cobia out of 8 down west. Then yesterday. Just one of those days that rejuvenate your fishing soul. Slick calm in the morning 7 miles from the pass and a acre of red drum rolling up on top. We dropped her to neutral and had them all around us for a hour chasing bait fish up against the boat! I got some video and I will get it up if it turned out ok. We caught and released these 25lb class fish till we wanted no more!
Then steamed East another 15 miles and we were in the meat with cobia! Our three limit fish in the box and then we started to catch and release. We ended up seeing 30 fish, landed 12-14 cobia and lost four or five at the boat. Eric also got into some jack crevale that we released. I wish every day could be half this good!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cordwood Cobia!

Eric and Kevin were out here today and we were in the overcast skies with limited visibility but we managed to see 12 by 1:30 and landed 6 and released 3. Highlight of the day was a pod of five and Eric holding two rods with cobia on and trying to figure how to get em in. We did! Fun day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stormy day off.

Finally getting a break in the action. The weather is nasty blowing rainy and thunderstorms so got the day off and figured I would try to catch back up. Fishing has been good overall! Chris and his Son Connor caught some nice cobia fishing the three days with Connor landing the biggest in the fleet one day. Arch, wife Summer, and buddy Kip fished hard on the 19th and landed a bunch of nice cobia. We spotted 17 this day! Ole Cowbell came down for three days and fishing slowed somewhat but we did land a cobia, red drum, and jack crevale, had a blast! Thanks Cowbell! Yesterday Hunter, Vic, and Kevin fished hard and we landed 7 cobia out of 8 sightings! Enjoying the fishing, food, and pretty clear waters but ready to get back home soon and get the first shove of cobia back home soon! Thanks everyone for fishing!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Having fun!

Just getting back to fishing had to do the Griswald Disney vacation for a few days with the family and had a blast.

Fished today with Connor and father Chris in Destin. Fished all day tortured them with zero action but Connor saved the day with a piggy cobia! We did see a tarpon a few big kings and a sailfish that did not eat the orange bucktail. ( could not get the eel to her in time) Pretty neat to see a sail in 25 foot of water right on the beach. We only saw one other small cobia all day but he was a dink. Pretty work guys and thanks for sticking it out!

Yesterday had the pleasure of having world famous super marlin big game catcher guy Arch of the Pelican and his lovely awesome cooking wife Summer out for some cobia fishing. Saw 5 all day and got shots at four and landed four. Thanks guys for dinner and fishing hard. Summer pretty work on the casts!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Got ling.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Right rudder!?!

Having a great time fishing down here! We have been catching some cobia and hope to catch plenty more as water temps warm. We also had three schools of red drum 15-25lbers in 3 foot of water sight-casting to as well. Thaks Clinton, Brian, Jay, and JT!!!