Friday, July 4, 2014

Awful Arthur!

Well got a day off at least...  Hope this hurricane breezes by with nothing more than a few hurricane hangovers! Just got finished on a long day hauling boats and prepping for the storm. Had to run Rock Solid up twenty miles so I brought some of the critters and skipped them along.  Why not let them have fun gotta burn the fuel anyways!   Thanks to everyone for the concerned calls and texts! And all the help and offers!  Thanks for fishing guys and hope you have a great 4th and good luck to everyone around here with there families and property!!   Tossed in a few fishing pics as well.  Doubleheader maneaters with six year old Owen and his Dad Scott and buddies on first ocean trip!  Fun stuff.  Got em up close to a turtle!!  Dave's cobia had a flip flop mahi in its mouth!  That boat sank before the storm!

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  1. What amazing pictures! The one with the sea turtle is crazy! I've never been deep sea fishing. Pictures like these really make me want to go. Thanks for sharing them.